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Luxembourg Online

Having been working for the company since 2019, Luxembourg Online is one of the main telecom providers in the Grand Duchy. It stands out for its competitive Internet deals and its extra-multilingual website – available in 7 languages  to bring in customers from Luxembourg's foreign population by providing them with an online experience in their native languages.

My missions :

- Translating & updating the website into Portuguese and Spanish

- Translating communication materials into English and Portuguese

- Translating commercial documentation into English

- Rewriting the SEO in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish (in progress)

- Redesigning the mobile UX/UI of the LOL&Me app


Created by Luxembourg Online as part of its software development activities, Bloobiz is a web & mobile ERP platform that allows for managing all aspects of an SME, from customer relationship to accounting, HR and even project management. The goal here was to adopt yet another multilingual strategy for targeting businesses that are not only based in Luxembourg, but also abroad.

My missions :

- Translating & updating the site into English, Portuguese and Spanish

- Translating the presentation booklet into English

- Writing Linkedin and Instagram posts in English and French

- Rewriting the SEO in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish (in progress

- Translating & localising the ERP platform into English & Portuguese (in progress)


Also developed by Luxembourg Online, LetzGetz is a mobile app for listing classified ads in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. It gathers all ads and buyer & seller accounts from the, and websites. With English being the main language of the app, it has later been translated into French, Portuguese and German, again as part of a multilingual digital strategy for its mobile users.

My missions :

- Designing the wireframes of the app's search filters

- Translating the mobile app into French & Portuguese

- Translating the presentation website into English & Portuguese

- Translating the App & Play Store descriptions into English & Portuguese

- Writing social media posts in English on Instagram


Originally called Goiava, Gowaya was my intership project when I first arrived at Luxembourg Online in 2019, thanks to which I got the job later on. The initial goal was to design a mobile app for ordering on-site in restaurants on a national scale.

Following a first encouraging launch, the project has been put on hold due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic and fierce competition in the "rival" market of take-away orders. Nevertheless, I remain grateful to my boss for believing in my idea and enjoyed seeing my first project come to life thanks to my teammates who work in software development and graphic design.

My missions :

- User & business needs assessment & competitor analysis

- Designing the wireframes and first prototype of the app

- Translating the app, presentation website and App & Play Store descriptions into English and Portuguese


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